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The Kol Nidre Appeal represents a vital component in supporting our Shul’s continued presence in our lives. Together we strive to uphold a community environment for our members and their loved ones 365 days a year.  Through every life cycle event and holiday , or the occasional craving fro Jewish learning and prayer, your clergy and staff are ready and available. In order to ensure the continued delivery of services our congregants need 365 days a  year, we need your help. This year it is vital that we manifest this commitment by supporting our communal institutions in their time of need. That time is now.
If you have already made your Kol Nidre donation, please accept our special thanks for your generosity and commitment.


I want to go to Shul!!!
Did you know that 100 Congregants are allowed to attend services this year? Every effort has been made to create the safest environment possible without compromising on the beautiful and traditional diginity of our services.
Join Rabbi Glazer, Cantor Stotland and Reverend Tannenbaum for what is certain to be an unforgettable experience this year. Please call Rosanne in the office. 514-481-7727 x223

I'm a member and I want to

We have completed our installation of all audio and video requirements and are thrilled to announce we will be live streaming High Holiday services in addition to Shabbat services. All members have to do is log in to their Shul Cloud account and the live stream will appear further down this page. 

I'm not a member but I would love to live stream your services!
We invite everyone to join the Shaare Zion family for services and are thrilled your're able to be with us this year. Simply CLICK HERE to fill out a form and be granted access.

What About My Kids??
Join Cantor Adam and some special guests for a taste of High Holidays. A pre-recorded video will be available at noon on each holiday further down this page as a guide to celebrating together with your children at home. 


Services will be Streamed Below

Sun, 13 June 2021 3 Tammuz 5781