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Sponsored by Vivian and Howard Stotland


This gripping presentation follows the story of one couple through the most successful escape of Jewish prisoners in the Holocaust through their part as members of the Bielski Partisan Brigade, made famous by the 2008 film, Defiance. 

Three generations of their descendants, Sylvia Sklar, Alissa Sklar, and Maya Hillcoat,will recount the amazing details of Sholem and Chana Ryback's escape from the ghetto through a tunnel to join the powerful Jewish resistance in the Bielski's "Forest Jerusalem."
They will also share information and experiences from the 2019 reunion of descendants of the Bielski Brigade in Novogrodek, Belarus, along with photos, stories and readings from first-hand accounts.


Tue, 11 May 2021 29 Iyyar 5781