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Asher Tannenbaum
Ritual Director
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Passover, like the other Jewish holidays, has more than one name to remind us that there are important ideas to remember.

“Hag Ha-Aviv” – The holiday of Spring.  The time of rebirth and renewal.

“Pesah” – refers to the Paschal lamb. Since the lamb was one of the Egyptian Gods, the Jewish people had to slaughter it in order to separate themselves from the way of life and society they had lived in for years.

“Zman Heruteinu” – the time of Jewish liberation.

“Hag Hamatzot” – holiday of the unleavened bread. There was not enough time for the bread to rise signifying that the move from slavery to freedom can happen so quickly.

Passover is a very special holiday with countless traditions. Many of our customs and practices are not found in the Torah or other texts but originate from what we learned and experienced in our parents or grandparents homes.

May you continue to experience and share the Seders with your families and loved ones. Heather, Benjamin and Madelyn join me in wishing you and your families a happy and meaningful Passover.

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