The President's Perspective

Ian Scharf



On a Saturday morning in June we celebrated a Past President Shabbat. It was a special moment for me because it gave me a chance to speak about our past Presidents and to tell you a little bit about the task of the President of a shul. The learning curve is pretty steep, but there is little time to think about it, because something is always happening that needs the President’s attention.

The job of a good President is to lead by example, to plan for the future, to impart and to live a vision. Seated that morning in the congregation, were visionary leaders. They had the courage to step forward when they were needed, and to contribute that leadership, guidance, strength, patience, a lot of patience, and to share their dreams with all of us. But the most wonderful aspect of their leadership is that it did not stop with the end of their terms of office. These fine people have continued to work for the shul and to lend their strength and expertise, long after it was required by our constitution. They are a living legacy among us, and we are grateful for their continuing presence and contributions.

Our “past” presidents are not really “past” at all. They are here. They are active. They are our vital connection to our past……. and they are a vital guide to our future.

We were honoured by their presence among us on that Shabbat Morning.

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