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Norman Spatz
Men's Club President 

Writing for the Bulletin is always a bit like attempting to see into the future. Dear reader, for you, Shavu’ot is fast approaching. I always think of Shavu’ot as the stealth holiday of the Jewish calendar. There is little preparation required, and after two quick days of dangerous eating for the lactose intolerant, it’s over! And the summer is just beginning.

By the time you’re reading this, the Men’s Club will have had three spring events under its belt. Thanks to the efforts of Debbie and Marty Cooper and the Shaare Zion office staff, the second Scotch Tasting came off beautifully. Fast approaching is the Combined Community Services Fair and Hema-Quebec Blood Drive. Our vice-president Farley Fishman invited over twenty local agencies to set up information tables. Running concurrently with the blood drive, we have planned to optimize attendance at both events.

Our candles have been packed and are ready to be delivered. I would like to thank Debbie Hurwitz Cooper, Candi and Spencer Levine, Lora and Emma Minuk, Mike O’hana and Manny Mora for a really impressive team effort to launch the candle campaign. If you’re reading this, you may have time to enroll in the Million Candle Challenge which takes place on the Sunday evening of April 27. All the details        about where to register online are mentioned on the yellow sheet that comes in the distinctive yellow bag that hopefully will have been delivered to your door on time.

Gee – so what do we do now?

As of this moment, a couple of projects are shaping up:

On Friday May 9 at 10AM – There will be a reprise of our walking tour of The Côte Saint Luc Digit - A Tale of Two and a Half Cities at the Cummings Centre.

We will be researching material for another walking tour – over the summer of the Circle Road area. Interested in giving us a hand? Contact me. Learn how to do historic research!

The Men’s Club will endeavor to promote activities over the summer. If you have any suggestions, please give us a call!

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