Men’s Club News

Norman Spatz
Men's Club President 

Summer has finally arrived, and not a minute too soon as the hockey season fades and outdoor activities begin.

There has not been time before this bulletin to publicly thank all of those who delivered our Yom HaZikkaron and Yom Ha’Sho’ah Candles. I would like to list them, but that carries the risk of leaving some people out. One thing that I like about our candle delivery is that it involves so many people in a meaningful activity. Thanks to all those who registered online for the Million Candle Challenge to the World as well. Many people didn’t get a candle delivery this year as our order did not take into account our new members, but many people did. Few candles were left over, and the many people who participated in the delivery had a fulfilling, often exhausting, but rewarding experience. We are definitely re-examining our candle programme for next year, however, and promise to have a programme that gets the candles to those who want them with less than the Herculean effort that our current candle delivery policy involves.

Logically the Men’s Club should be revving up activities as our members return from the South and are more present than during the ski season. The reality is that we don’t have much on our calendar. Initial efforts are being made to research the history of the Circle Road area to create a walking tour. A suggestion has been made to have a hiking club. Another suggestion has been to create a discussion group for the recently released book by Rabbi Charles Simon of the Federation of Jewish Men’s Clubs called ‘Building a Successful Volunteer Culture – Finding Meaning in Service in the Jewish Community’. A number of people have proposed some sort of evening activity similar to our Hanukkah Dance.

Please contact me with your suggestions.

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