Shaare Zion Congregation has played a major role in the Conservative Movement and Montreal Jewish Community since 1924. We have become a home to our congregants, a welcoming stop to visitors and a voice of authority within the community.

Celebrating over 90 years, Shaare Zion Congregation is proud to provide Jewish Montrealers of all ages with opportunities for enlightenment, ritual, prayer and celebration. For the young we offer youth groups, Bnai Mitzvah programmes and family events. Our Men’s Club and Sisterhood create opportunities for strong relationships, while our Adult Education classes provide intellectual stimulation and curiosity. And to the bereaved, the camaraderie and fellowship of the Daily Minyan is of comfort during the mourning process.

We have opened our doors to every Jew to step inside. Religious or secular, rich or poor, or, simply, spiritually hungry.

Rabbi Lionel Moses, Cantor Adam Stotland, Ritual Director Asher Tannenbaum and the Shaare Zion Congregation Choir under the direction of Shimon Radu look forward to welcoming you too.

Today Shaare Zion Congregation has over 900 families who learn together, pray together and sit together.

Just as your families have evolved, so too has our congregation.

Our story begins in the early 20s when some 100 Jewish families set up residence in Montreal. Amongst them were a handful of diligent, dedicated, eager and zealous men who confidently resolved to establish a synagogue to satisfy the religious needs of a growing Jewish constituency. Shaare Zion Congregation became a legally incorporated body on March 24, 1926, when it received its charter from the Province of Quebec. In the course of three years, as the number of Jewish residents in Notre Dame de Grace grew, they quickly realized that the increasing number of worshippers required larger quarters. Victoria Hall in Westmount became the improvised synagogue for Shabbat and Holiday services.

In 1939 the synagogue was destroyed by fire and the present site was purchased shortly thereafter. The first High Holyday services took place September 1947 at Shaare Zion's present home on Cote St. Luc Road.

In 1976, a resolution instituted family (mixed) seating to commence on the High Holydays of 1976 and was overwhelmingly endorsed by the membership.

In 2000, Shaare Zion Congregation became the first Conservative congregation in Montreal where women were counted in the Minyan, permitted to have Aliyot, read from the Torah and chant the Haftarah. Shaare Zion remains the only Conservative congregation in Montreal where women are counted in the Minyan.