David Budman


As Montrealers, we know summer is coming when the Habs playoffs are over and Grand Prix weekend is around the corner. As members of Shaare Zion, though, we also look forward to the festival of Shavu’ot.

At Shavu’ot we celebrate Moses getting the Ten Commandments on Mount Sinai. In synagogue we will read the Ten Commandments and have an opportunity to reflect on the special meanings of each. While Moses was on the Mountain, the Israelites were not allowed to eat meat. Therefore, a well-known part of Shavu’ot is the eating of dairy foods such as blintzes or ice cream (which incidentally is one of my all-time favorite foods.)

Please join us in synagogue to celebrate this festival, and I have it on good authority the Kiddush will not disappoint.

Another way to celebrate Shavu’ot is to decorate our homes with flowers and plants. This is especially meaningful for us, living in Canada, where our gardening season is so short. We can begin to enjoy a spring feeling with our Shavu’ot flowers. Take the time to pick up something special for your table in honour of the holiday.

Finally, as you know, we have a Minyan at Shaare Zion every morning and evening. If you have time for a mitzvah this month, here’s your opportunity – please come by and help out a community member who is saying Kaddish or has Yahrzeit. You don’t have to speak Hebrew or wear fancy clothes. All we need is your presence.


Thank you and Hag Sameah.