After performing the numerous wonderful miracles, God instructs Moses to lead the Jewish people out of slavery from Egypt, to Mount Sinai to receive the Torah and to the land of Israel.

A series of historical events occurred leading up to the holiday of Passover and they form the basis of what takes place on the Holiday. We are commanded to celebrate Passover by not eating or possessing any Hametz (leaven), which is food from the five grains barley, oats, rye, spelt and wheat. This prohibition is connected to the historical event when the Jewish people were hurrying to leave Egypt; they did not have enough time to bake bread and ended up with Matza, the unleavened bread.

Before the festival begins, there are three topics which are part of the step by step preparation for Passover: Removal of Hametz, which includes Passover cleaning and selling Hametz, Koshering for Passover and Permitted and Prohibited Foods.

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